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1 :- Add a pinch of turmeric powder to the oil before adding green vegetables. The vegetables will retain their greenness better even after cooking.
2 :- Rub used lemon halves dipped in salt over greasy pans, and wipe clean with an old newspaper before washing. This will remove all the extra grease and make the washing easier. You may even rub some flour instead.
3 :- Round or oval containers will spread heat more evenly in a microwave oven than square, rectangular or odd shaped ones.
4 :- If fried snacks or titbits are served with the drinks, preceding dinner, arrange small paper napkins along with the tray. Messy fingers are embarrasing for both the guests and the hostess.
5 :- Try to stick to one style of cooking during any party. Many people mix Indian food with Chinese or continental dishes which spoil individual taste. For example, Russian salad and pulao or chow-mein and chicken korma do not go together.
6:- Crusts removed from bread for making sanwiches, etc. can be sun or oven dried till brittle. Then run in a mixie, to form fine breadcrumbs. Refrigerate and use as required.
7:- Add a few methi (fenugreek) seeds to toor dal while pressure cooking. This makes the dal easier to digest.
8:- Use cornflakes as a substitute for sev or papdis. It is available everywhere and give the same crunchiness to a dish, eg. bhel
9:- Dry roast any extra crumbs that are got while scraping buns. These can be used to thick gravies, etc. They can also be added to bhajia batters for making crisper bhajias. 10:- Do not throw away drained marinade liquid. Refrigerate and use to season stirfried veggies or steamed rice.
11:- A tsp. of ghee add to the dal before pressure cooking, will keep it from overflowing out of the container into the cooker.
12:- A little lime juice added to beetroot will make them a brilliant red colour.

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