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Almond Cookies
Cooking time : 45 min.       Serving :  8

      Butter (white)    1/2 kg.
      Icing sugar       300 gms. 
      Maida             750 gms. 
      Eggs              3  
      Chopped almonds   1/2 cup 
      Almond essence Few drops
1. Beat the butter, add sugar and mix well. 2. After it smoothens add egg white and mix well. 3. Add maida and a few drops of almond essence, mix well with light hand. 4. Add chopped almonds and mix well. 5. Wrap in butter paper and keep to cool. 6. Butter the tray, cut into small cookies and keep in tray. 7. Pre-heat oven 150 dg.C cook for 15-20 minutes.
---Meenakshi Sarma.