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Chane Ki Daal ka Halwa
Cooking time : 1 1/2 hours.       Serving :  4-6
      Channa daal    1 cup
      Ghee           1 1/2 cups
      Sugar          1 1/2 cups
      Tuti-fritti    2
      Dry fruits     1/4 cup (chopped) 
      Cardamom Powder 1 tsp.
      Water          1 cup

Wash the daal and soak it for about 5-6 hours. Make a paste of the soaked daal in a mixie. Heat ghee in a pan or wok.
Now heat the daal paste in ghee and stir vigorously till it is fried. It will give out a pleasant aroma and turn red. Make sugar syrup of one string consistency with sugar, water and elaichi powder.
Add this syrup to the daal mixture on a medium flame stirring continuously.
When all the liquid is evaporated and the ghee starts to separate, add the tutti-frutti and chopped dry fruits. Serve hot.

---Meenakshi Sarma.