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Hyderabad Fried Chicken
 Cooking time:  25 min.       Serving:  4

         Chicken (broken into parts)   500gms. or 1 lb.
         Oil                           1/2 cup
         Yoghurt                       1 cup
         Onion (medium sized)          1
         Ginger                        1 tsp.
         Garlic                        1 tsp.
         Green Chili (medium sized)    1
         Red Chili                     2
         Cloves                        4
         Dhaniya Powder                1 tsp.
         Cardomom                      2
         Turmeric                      1/2 tsp.
         Poppy Seeds                   2 tsp.
         Salt to taste.
Ginger, garlic, red chilli,green Chilli and onions are ground into a paste.> Cardomom, clove, dhaniya powder,turmeric, poppy seeds are all ground into a powder.Chicken, paste from step 1, salt and yoghurt are all thoroughly mixed and kept aside for 30 minutes. Then in sufficient quantity of water, the chicken pieces are all boild until the chicken is tender. Wait until the water is completely absorbed and then remove from heat. In a large skillet, heat oil and add the cooked chicken. Fry for 5 minutes on high. Then add the powder(cardomom,clove,dhaniya powder,turmeric,poppy seeds) and mix thoroughly. Lower heat and keep stirring for 10 minutes. Before removing from heat, garnish with coriander and cover with lid.
Goes best with plain white rice