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Fish Balls
 Cooking time :30 min.       Serving :  6-8

       Fish                 400 gm.(rohu)
       Onions               3 (grated)
       Ginger               1 " piece
       Garlic                10 cloves
       Gram masala          1 tsp.
       Cumin seeds          1 tsp. (ground)
       Salt                 3/4  tsp.
       Chilli powder       1/2  tsp.
       Chillies  green     4  (chopped)
       Oil                 250 gm.
       Flour               3 tbsp.
       Egg                 1

Steam fish in a pressure cooker for a minute. Then remove bones from fish and mash. Grate onions. Grind ginger and garlic and chop green chillies. Beat egg well.
Mix grated onions, ginger-garlic paste, salt, garam masala powder, fried cumin powder, chopped chillies, chilli powder and egg with mashed fish. Mix well. Then make 16 balls out of it and roll in flour.
Heat oil in a karahi. Deep fry the balls till golden brown. Arrange fish balls in a plate and garnish. Serve with ketchup or Chutney.

---Ruby Niyogi.