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Fish -Stuffed Potatoes
 Cooking time :30 min.       Serving :  5

            Fish    500 gm. (rohu)
            Onion   250 gm.
            Ginger  1 inch piece
            Garlic  cloves
            Green Chillies   8
            Turmeric powder  1/2 tsp.
            Chilli Powder  1/2 tsp.
            Salt           1 tsp.
            Medium-sized Potatoes  10
            Oil            250 gm.
            Green Cardamoms 4
            Cinnamom Sticks 3
            Lettuce  leaves 6
            Tomatoes        2(Sliced)
            Cucumber        1(Sliced)
            Onion           1(Sliced)
            Cloves          6(Sliced)
            Cumin Seeds     1 tsp.
            Fresh Coriander leaves
Boil the potatoes whole. Peel and scoop out the middle portion of potatoes with a pointed knife making them hollow inside. Clean Fish. Grate onion and grind ginger and garlic.
Cut green chillies into very small pieces. Roast cardamom, cinnammom, cloves and cumin seeds and grind them into powder.
Boil fish with very little water. Mash the boiled fish and remove the bones.
Heat oil, Fry oinon, ginger, garlic and chillies. Then add fish, turmeric and salt. Fry for a few minutes. Add roasted ground garam masala powder and coriander leaves.
Mix them well. Now insert the fish mixture into the hollow potatoes. Deep fry potatoes till golden brown
On a plate arrange stuffed potatoes on a bed of lettuce. Decorate with sliced onion, cucumber, tomato and green chillies.

---Ruby Niyogi.