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Khajur Cake Roll
Cooking time: 25 min.       Serving:  4-5

        Khajur  200 gm.
        Dry Fruits 100 gm.
        Ghee     1 tbsp.
        Condensed Milk    1 tin
        Desiccated Coconut 
        Cashew Nut Powder  1/2 Cup

Remove the seeds from the dates and heat in 1 tbsp. ghee on a slow flame. Stir continuously. When it is soft, add condensed milk, when it is thick, add cocoa powder. When it forms a lump, add dry fruits and remove from fire.
Grease a cake pan and dust with coconut or cashew nut powder. Flatten lump in the tin and decorate with more nuts.

---Kamini Sadhwan.