Hi Friends, My name is Madhavi. I have done my Bachelor's in B.Sc. Computer Science , P.G.Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehuru Technological University,India. With the help and inspiration of my hubby Shekar, from friend Giridhar.P I've presented my favorite hobby i.e. Cooking on the web.
The Cook Say's
" We may live without Music and Art
We may live without friends
We may live without books
But cannot live without Cooks. "
On my web site some of the graphics is have used from Tripod.com, About.com etc,. This site was first published on Apirl 1,1999. From then Slowly I have modified and imporved it.
Hopefully I haven't bored you too much! I'm offering over 100 recipes for you. I'm sure you'll find your favorite recipes; you're looking for. Please take your time and browse around. I hope you will enjoy your visit and please check back periodically to see changes & additions.
All the recipes on this site are those which I have gathered from my mom, friends and some of the recipe books. Recipes or this site contents are not to be reproduced without my permission. My site will not be liable for any kind of damages or inconveniences arising from the use of this site. If you find any discrepancy or wrong information related to any topic please feel free to Contact Us. It can be possible that the origin of some of my recipes may have unknowingly been originally from a published recipe book but no intentional attempts have been made to infringe on the copyright laws. I would comment that ALL the sites listed there are wonderful. I give my sincere credit & vote of thanks to this site.

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