Cooking Terms Page

Dariole:   Small, cup-shaped mould used for making puddings, sweet and savoury jellies, and creams.

Darne:   (French) Thick slice cut from round fish.

Daube:   (French) Slowly cooked stew of meat or fish braised in wine and stock with vegetables and herbs.

Deep Fat:   Hot fat or oil which is deep enough to cover food during frying.

Deep-Frying:   Method of frying food by immersing it in hot fat or oil.

Deglacer:   (French) Diluting pan juices by adding wine, stock or cream to prepare a gravy or sauce.

Demiglace:   (French) Thick, intensely flavored, glossy brown sauce that is served with meat, poultry, or fish or used as a base for other sauces. It is made by thickening a rich veal stock, enriching it with diced vegetables, tomato paste and Madeira or sherry, then reducing it until concentrated.

Devilling:   Method of preparing meat, poultry or fish with highly seasoned ingredients for grilling or roasting.

Dice:   To cut into small cubes.

Double Boiler:   Cooking utensil much like a bain-marie Method of cooking without using direct heat. It usually consists of two saucepans that fit together. Bottom sauce pan is filled with water and the top saucepan with a mixture requiring non-direct heat to prepare. Most often used to prepare custards or melt chocolate. The saucepans can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, or glass.

Dough:   A mixture of flour, water, milk and, or egg, sometimes enriched with fat, which is firm enough to knead, roll and shape into another form.

Dredging:   Method of covering food with flour or sugar by dragging it through a dry mixture.

Dress:   1. To pluck, draw and truss poultry or game. 2. To arrange or garnish a cooked dish. 3. To prepare cooked shellfish in their shells; Example - dress the lobster.

Dripping:   Fat which drips from meat, poultry or game during roasting process.

Dressing:   1. Prepared sauce for a salad. 2. Stuffing for meat or poultry.

Dumpling:   1. Small balls made of dough, meat or potato mixture, which are steamed or poached. typically used to garnish soups and stews. 2. Fruit encased in dough and baked.

Dusting:   Finishing method whereby flour, sugar, spice or seasoning is lightly sprinkled over the top of the food item.

Dutch Cocoa Powder:   Alkalized cocoa with intense flavor. (See also Cocoa Powder.)

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