Cooking Terms Page

Galantine:   (French) Dish of boned and Stuffed poultry, game or meat glazed with aspic and served cold.

Galette:   (French) 1. A flat pastry cake traditionally baked for Twelfth Night Christmas festivities. 2. A flat cake of sliced or mashed potato.

Garam Masala:   (Indian) Spice mixture usually composed of coriander, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Garbanzo Beans:   Also known as ceci or chickpeas. Very popular legume utilized in Mediterranean cuisine.

Garnishing:   Presentation process whereby the appearance, flavor and texture of a dish is enhanced with edible decorations.

Gelatine:   Transparent protein, made from animal bones and tissue, which melts in hot liquid and forms a jelly when cold. Used for sweet and savoury dishes.

Genoiee:   (French) A rich sponge cake consisting of eggs, sugar, flour and melted butter; baked in a flat tin, then often rolled into another form with cream for fruit sauce.

Ghee:   (Indian) Clarified butter made from the milk of the water buffalo.

Giblets:   Edible internal organs and trimmings of poultry and game. Most often included are the liver, heart, gizzard, neck and pinions. Giblets sometimes include feet and cockscomb.

Gill:   Liquid measure equal to 1 pint or 5 fluid oz.

Ginger:   (Indian) Plant cultivated for its spicy aromatic rhizomes. Powdered, preserved, and fresh forms are available. Typically used in Asian cooking for savory curries, marinades, rice or tea.

Glace:   (French) Glazed, frozen or iced.

Glace de Viande:   (French) 1. Meat glaze or residue in the bottom of a pan after roasting or frying meat. 2. Concentrated meat stock.

Glaze:   Presentation process whereby a glossy finish given to food by brushing with beaten egg, milk, sugar syrup or Jelly after cooking.

Gnocchi:   (Italian) Small dumplings made from semolina, potatoes or pastry.

Goujon:   (French) Gudgeons - small fish fried and served as a garnish.

Goulash:   (Hungarian) Beef and onion stew favoured with paprika and tomato.

Grand Marnier:   (French) Orange flavored, cognac based liqueur produced in France.

Granita:   (Italian) Water ice.

Graniti:   (French) Sorbet, grained and flavored ice.

Gratine:   (French) (See au gratin.)

Granulated Sugar:   Regular processed sugar prepare from cane sugar.

Gratin:   Any sweet or savory dish baked or broiled so its topping forms a golden crust.

Gravy:   1. Juices exuded by roasted meat and poultry. 2. A sauce made from these juices by boiling with stock or wine, and sometimes thickened with flour.

Grecque, a la:   (French) 1. In the Greek style; Example - cooked in stock with olive oil. 2. Dishes garnished with savoury rice and dressed with oil and vinegar.

Griddle:   Flat metal plate used to bake breads and cakes on the top of the stove or as a separate cooking component.

Grissini:   (Italian) Breadsticks.

Groats:   De-husked grain. Usually refers to oats, sometimes milled.

Goat Cheese:   Also known as Chevre. A soft fresh goat's milk cheese sold in a variety of shapes and forms.

Gorgonzola:   (Italian) Cheese made from cow's milk cheese that is white or yellow and streaked with blue. It has a distinct aroma and can have a mellow, strong, or sharp flavor, depending on its degree of maturity. Similar to American blue and French Roquefort cheeses.

Golden Beets:   Yellow ocher colored beets. Sweeter vegetable than red beet varieties.

Gouda Cheese:   (Dutch) Cheese made from cow's milk with a firm, smooth texture similar to cheddar. Available in both young and aged varieties.

Gugelhupf:   (German) Sweetened yeast cake with dried fruit, baked in a fluted ring mould.

Guiche:   (French) Alsatian open tart with savoury filling on top of cream and eggs. Equivalent to quiche.

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