Cooking Terms Page

Jalapeno:   (South American) Small green chile pepper that is mildly hot. Named after Jalapa, the capital of Veracruz.

Jardiniere, a la:   (French) Garnish of fresh,diced ant cooked vegetables arranged in separate groups.

Jarlsberg Cheese:   (Norwegian) Cow's milk cheese that is firm in texture and nutty in flavor. Similar to Swiss cheese.

Jasmine Rice:   Fragrant long grain rice from Thailand that is distinctly aromatic when cooked. The length of each grain is four to five times its width.

Jocoque:   (Mexican) Sour cream that has equal or less fat content than American sour cream. Also referred to as salted buttermilk, although thicker. Jocoque flavors range from mildly tangy to refreshingly sharp.

Joint:   1. Prime cut of meat for roasting. 2. To divide meat, game or poultry into individual pieces.

Jugged:   Meat or wild game dishes, such as jugged hare which is stewed in a covered pot.

Jus:   (French) Juices derived from roasting meat process and used as gravy base or dip.

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