Cooking Terms Page

Langouste:   (French) Crayfish.

Langue de Chat:   (French) Flat, finger-shaped, crisp biscuit or cookie served with cold desserts.

Lard:   Natural or refined pork fat.

Larding:   Preparation method that threads strips of fat through lean meat, using a special needle. Prevents the meat drying-out during roasting.

Lasagna:   (Italian) Wide ribbon noodles, sometimes colored green. Casserole-like dish prepared with lasagna noodles, meat, cheeses and vegetables, then baked.

Leaven:   Substances such as yeast, which causes dough or batter to rise.

Legumes:   (French) 1. Vegetables. 2. Plants with seed pods, such as peas and beans. Seeds of a legume are most often soaked and used in soups, stews and baked dishes.

Lily Buds:   (Chinese) Also known as tiger lily buds or golden needles. Dried day lily buds that are nutritious and sweet.

Lyonnaise:   (French) In the Lyons style, traditionally with onions.

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