Cooking Terms Page

Macadamia Nut:   Also known as the Queensland nut. A fleshy white nut with a coconut-like flavor. In Asia, it is used in savory soups and stews. In the US, the macadamia is used mostly in sweets. the nuts have an extremely high fat content.

Macaroni:   (Italian) Tubular-shaped pasta of varying lengths and shapes.

Macedoine:   (French) Mixture of fruit or vegetables.

Macerate:   Preparation process of soaking a fruit in a liqueur or wine. Method softens the fruit while releasing its juices and absorbing the macerating liquids flavor.

Mache:   Also known as Lamb's Lettuce and Field Aalad. Small, rounded, dark green leafy Mache does not store well and must be prepared immediately prior to service. Its attractive leaves make a nice garnish.

Marinade:   Typically a blend of oil, wine or vinegar, herbs and spices. Some marinades are meant for lending flavor and include an acid of lemon juice, wine, vinegar, or yogurt while others primarily made of pineapple are meant for tenderizing. Some marinade mixtures archive both.

Marinate:   Preparation method whereby food is steeped in a liquid mixture known as a marinade prior to cooking.

Mariniere:   (French) 1. Of mussels; cooked in white wine and herbs, and served in half shells. 2. Of fish; cooked in white wine and garnished with mussels.

Marmite:   (French) Earthenware stock pot.

Marzipan:   A thick almond paste used in confectioneries. Marzipan is primarily used in cakes and pastries in the European tradition. It is also colored and sculpted into individual sweets. The consistency of marzipan makes it a great medium for lively shapes and colors.

Masa Harina:   (Mexican) Corn-based dough used mainly for tortillas and tamales. It is prepared by cooking dried corn kernels with limes, until the skin of the corn loosen. When the skin is removed, the corn is then ground into masa and cooked as tortillas, or a flat unleavened bread-like pancake.

Mascarpone Cheese:   (Italian) Creamy cheese most often used in desserts. Soft and buttery in consistency, Mascarpone goes well with savory dishes and fruits.

Matelote:   (French) In the sailor's style; Example -- fish stew made with wine or cider.

Medallions:   (French) Small circular cuts of meat, fish, poultry or game.

Meringue:   (French) Whisked egg white blended with sugar, which is then spooned or piped on top of sweet pies or into small shapes and baked crisp at very low temperature.

Meuniere:   (French) In the style of a miller's wife; Example -- fish cooked in butter, seasoned, and sprinkled with parsley and lemon juice.

Milanese:   (Italian) In the Milan Style; of escalopes coated in egg, bread crumbs, seasoned with grated Parmesan cheese, and fried in butter.

Milk Chocolate:   Most popular form of eating chocolate in the United States due to its mild, mellow flavor. It has only 10% chocolate liquor and usually contains about 12% milk solids. Milk chocolate has a less robust flavor than sweet or semi-sweet chocolates.

Mirabelle:   (French) 1. Small yellow plum, used as tart filling. 2. A liqueur made from small yellow plums.

Mirepoix:   (French) Mixture of finely diced vegetables and ham which, when fried in butter, is used as a base for brown sauces and stews.

Mirin:   (Japanese) A sweet rice wine used only in cooking.

Mise en Place:   (French) Translated means to put in place. Refers to the preparations for cooking, setting out bowls, pots, and pans and measuring, washing, peeling, and chopping and mincing ingredients.

Mocca:   1. High quality coffee served after dinner. 2. A blend of coffee and chocolate favours.

Mojo:   (Cuban) Seasoning mixture prepared from garlic, olive oil, and sour oranges. Primarily served as a dip, or utilized as a marinade or sauce for vegetables and meats.

Molasses:   Also known as dark treacle. Molasses is the left over result of processing sugar cane after the granulated sugar has been removed. Appears as a dark, thick, pungent liquid Molasses is available in light, dark, unsulfured, and blackstrap variations that range from weak to strong in flavor.

Mole:   (Mexican) A spicy, rich sauce consisting of nuts, seeds, spices, chocolate, and peppers.

Monkfish:   A saltwater fish of which only the tail meat is eaten.

Mouler:   (French) To grind soft food into a puree, or dry food into a powder.

Moules:   (French) Mussels.

Moussaka:   (Near East) Dish of minced meat, aubergines and tomatoes, which is topped with cheese sauce or savoury custard.

Mousse:   Lightly sweet or savoury cold dish made with cream, whipped egg white and gelatin.

Muesli:   (Swiss) Dish of raw rolled oats, coarsely grated apple, nuts and dried fruit served with cream or whole milk.

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