Cooking Terms Page

Navarin:   (French) Stew of lamb and vegetables.

Neapolitan:   (Italian) Ice creams and sweet cakes in layers of different colors and flavors.

Neufchatel:   (French) A soft unripened cheese originally from Neufchatel-en-Bray, France. It has a fat content of 44 to 48%. Also available as low-fat cream cheese in the U.S.

Nicoise or Nigoise:   (French) Literally translates to be in the style of Nice. Traditionally refers to the regional cooking, characterized by the use of tomatoes, garlic, onion, and dark olives in Nice, France.

Noodles:   Flat ribbon pasta made from flour, water and egg, then dried and re-hydrated during boiling in water.

Normande, A la:   (French) In the Normandy style; Example -- cooked with cider and cream.

Nouilles:   (French) Noodles.

Nutmeg:   Oval-shaped, brown, wrinkly seed of the nutmeg tree. In its grated for is primarily utilized in sweet and savory dishes including cakes, custards, souffles, meatballs and soups.

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