Cooking Terms Page

Ragofit:   (French) Stew of meat and vegetables.

Ramekins:   1. Individual oven ware dishes. 2. Small pastry cases with cream-cheese filling.

Ratafia:   1. Favouring made from bitter almonds. 2. Liqueur made from fruit kernels. 3. Tiny macaroon.

Ratatouille:   (French) Stew made of aubergines, onions, peppers and tomatoes cooked in olive oil.

Ravioli:   (Italian) Small, savoury-filled pasta envelopes which are boiled and served with a sauce and grated cheeses.

Raw Sugar:   Sugar that has not been refined. Appears much like coffee crystals. Coarse or raw sugar is more difficult to dissolve. Makes a great garnish.

Reducing:   Method of preparation whereby a liquid is concentrated in form by boiling and evaporation.

Relish:   Sharp or spicy sauce made with fruit or vegetables which adds a piquant favour to other foods.

Rendering:   1. Slowly cooking meat tissues and trimmings to obtain fat. 2. Clearing frying fat by heating it.

Rennet:   Substance extracted from the stomach lining of calves. Used to coagulate milk for making cheese curd.

Ricotta:   (Italian) Soft, unripened curded cheese. Ricotta is the byproduct of whey that formulates during cheese processing. Sweet in flavor and grainy in texture. Often utilized in Italian sweets and in stuffed in pasta.

Ricotta Salata:   (Italian) A lightly salted cheese produced from sheep milk that has been pressed and dried.

Ricepaper:   (Chinese) Edible, glossy white paper made from the pith of a tree grown in China. Frequently used for macaroon base.

Riddling:   An important step in removing sediment from Champagne. Bottles are placed in racks and then turned by hand or machine over weeks or months until they are upside down and the sediment has settled on top of the corks. Whereby the sediment is readily removed.

Rigatoni:   (Italian) Ribbed macaroni.

Risotto:   (Italian) Savoury rice, fried and then cooked in stock or tomato juice and finished with cheeses.

Rissole:   Small roll or patty made of cooked meat.

Roasting:   Cooking method utilizing the oven with radiant heat, or on a spit over or under an open flame.

Roe:   1. Milt of the male fish, called soft roe. 2. Eggs of the female fish, called hard roe. 3. Shellfish roe, called coral because of its color.

Romano:   (Italian) cooking prepared in the style of Rome.

Rose Water:   (Middle East) An aromatic liquid made by distilling rose petals. Frequent found in pastries of the Middle East.

Rotisserie:   (French) Rotating spit used for roasting or grilling meat or poultry.

Roulade:   (French) Roll of meat, vegetables, chocolate cake, etc.

Roux:   (French) Mixture of fat and flour which, when cooked, is used as a base for savoury sauces.

Royale, a la:   (French) Translated to be in the royal style. Usually poached fish or poultry in a white sauce with stock and cream thickener.

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