Cooking Terms Page

Tabasco Sauce:   A hot sauce comprised solely of vinegar, red pepper, and salt.

Table d'hote:   (French) Meal of three or more courses at a fixed price.

Tacos:   (Mexican) Fried tortillas.

Tagliatelle:   (Italian) Thin flat egg noodles.

Tailgate:   (United States) Outdoor snack, meal or beverages originally served from the back of a pick-up truck at any sporting event. Hot food prepared on the grill at a sporting event.

Tahini:   An oily paste made from ground sesame seeds. Also available as a sweetened dark variety.

Tamarind Paste:   A vitamin-rich, tangy, prune-like pulp from the pods of the tropical tree found in Asia. Primarily used as a seasoning in curries and chutneys or made into drinks, jams, or sorbets.

Terrine:   (French) 1. Earthenware pot used for cooking and serving pasta. 2. Food or soup cooked in a terrine.

Timbale:   (French) 1. Cup-shaped earthenware or metal mould. 2. Dish prepared in such a mould.

Toasting Nuts:   Process whereby heat brings the oils closer to the surface of the nut which brings out more flavor. Method is useful in low fat cooking in order to use less nuts. Toasting also makes removing the skins off of nuts easier.

Tofu:   A soybean curd that looks like a white cheese square. Stored in water to maintain its moisture. Popular vegetarian meat-substitute. Often utilized in Chinese and Japanese dishes.

Tomatillos:   (Mexican) Small, green, firm, tomatoes that are covered with a paper-like husk that is removed before cooking. Acid flavor add a tang to sauces.

Tortillas:   (Mexican) Pancakes that are either made of flour or ground corn. Cooked, and stored, then re-heated or steamed and wrapped or filled with savory and spicy meats and vegetables.

Truffles:   (French) Rare mushroom-like fungus, black or white in color, with a firm texture and delicate taste. Expensive delicacies, truffles are primarily used as garnish.

Trussing:   Process whereby a bird or joint of meat is tied in a neat shape with skewers and, or string before cooking.

Tube-pan:   Ring-shaped tin for baking cakes. Most often used to prepare sponge cakes.

Turnover:   Sweet or savoury pasty made by folding a circle or square of pastry in half to form a semicircle or triangle.

Turmeric:   (Indian) A rhizome that is dried and ground, then utilized to spice and color dishes bright yellow. Primarily used in Indian and Southeast Asian cooking.

Tutti Frutti:   (Italian) Dried mixed fruits as added to ice cream.

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