Cooking Terms Page

Vanilla Sugar:   Granulated sugar favoured with vanilla by enclosing it with a vanilla pod in an airtight jar.

Veloute:   (French) 1. Basic white sauce made with chicken, veal or fish stock. 2. Soup of a creamy consistency.

Vermicelli:   (Italian) Very fine strands of pasta.

Vichyssoise:   (French) Cold potato and leek soup thickened with cream and garnished with chives. The term is now applied to many other tuber-based soups.

Vinaigrette:   (French) Mixture of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Typically flavored with herbs.

Vinegar:   A clear liquid, consisting of chiefly acetic acid, obtained by the fermentation of wine, cider or malt beer.

Vol-au-vent:   (French) Light, flaky case of puff pastry.

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