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Mint Leaves gatte with Spinach
   Cooking time :35 min.       Serving :  6 persons  

                                For the curry
      Gram flour  2 1/2 cups       Onion   1
      Curd        4 tbsp.           Tomatoes 2
      Salt        1 tbsp.(app)      Curd     2 tbsp.
      Poppy seeds 1 1/2 tbsp.       Garlic Cloves 6
      Mint leaves few              Salt    1/2 tsp.
      Coriander leaves 1 tbsp.      Tumeric powder 1/2 tsp.
      Tumeric powder 1/2 tsp.       Coriander powder 1 tsp.
      Ginger powder 1/4 tsp.        Red Chilli Powder 1/2 tsp.
      Coriander powder 1/2 tsp.     Spinach  few leaves
      Garam Masala 1/4 tsp.         Oil 2 1/2 tbsp.
      Oil          3 tbsp.          Garam Masala 1/4 tsp.

      For garnishing: 
         Chopped Coriander 1 tbsp.
         Poppy Seeds       1 tsp.

Method :
Sieve salt and garam flour.Add oil,all the dry ingredients,curd,poppy seeds,finely chopped mint and coriander leaves and knead into a dough which is neither too soft nor too hard. Make long cylindrical rolls as thick and long as your fingers.Boil water in a cooker,put these rolls into it and pressure cook for 2 minutes.Cool and cut the rolls into small pieces(gatte) and keep aside.The boiled water can be used for the gravy.
To prepare the gravy
Grind a paste with the onions garlic and ginger.Heat oil in a pan and fry this paste till light brown.Blanch the tomatoes and peel and chop them.Add all the dry ingredients except salt,chopped tomatoes and curd to the masala paste and fry properly.
When the masala leaves the ghee add the gatte and the salt and stir well.Now add the water which has been kept aside and allow to simmer for about 15-20min on a slow fire. Add finely chopped spinach and allow to cook for another 10 min. Serve this nutritious gatte curry garnished with chopped coriander leaves, garam masala and poppy seeds with rice or chapattis at lunch or dinner

---Krishna Verma.