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Prawns with Coconut
 Cooking time :20 min.       Serving :  3-4 persons                   

                                For Garnishing:
       Prawns  500 gms small       Green Chillies  4 
       Coconut 1 small
       Mustard seeds 4 tsp
       Mustard Oil   150 gm
       Green Chillied  6 or 7
       Turmeric Powder  1 tsp
       Salt to taste

Method :
Shell and clean prawns. Grind the coconut into a smooth paste with half a cup of water. Grind mustard seeds and cut chillies into small pieces.Rub the prawns with salt and turmeric.
Fry the prawns in mustard oil till they are red. Then add salt, green chillies, mustard paste and coconut paste. Cook covered on a slow fire stirring frequently till the prawns become tender. Continue till the mixture is absolutely dry.
Garnish with green chillies and serve with rice.

---Ruby Niyogi.