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Sesame Rice Balls
   Cooking time: 35 min.       Serving:  5 

       Rice       1 Cup
       Sesame(Til)1/2 Cup
       Sugar      2 tbsp.
       Kishmish   2 tbsp.
       Cardamoms  5-6 
       Cashewnuts 10-12
       Almonds    10-12
       Milk Powder 2 tbsp.
Clean, wash and boil the rice. Let it cool. Mix with milk powder and mash a little. Roast til on tawa grind the cardamoms and chop the cashewnuts.
Mix half the til with the cardamom powder, sugar, kishmish and the cashewnuts. Take a lemon-sized ball of rice. Fill with til filling. Roll in the til so that the ball is fully covered with til. Cool and serve.

---Vijai Mehra.