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Teatime Til Cakes
   Cooking time: 35 min.       Serving:  10-15 persons          

       Eggs        2
       Flour       1 cup
       Oil         1/2 cup
       Sugar       3/4 cup
       Baking Powder 1 tsp.
       Baking Soda    1/4 tsp.
       Curd          1 tbsp.
       Til           1/4 cup
       Dry dates     15-20
       cake fruit    2 tbsp.
Sieve flour,baking powder and baking soda together. Mix sugar,oil and curd. Add eggs and beat well. Grind half the til coarsely. Mix til and flour to egg mixture and beat well. Chop the dates and add cake mixture. Add the cake fruit also.
Bake small cakes decorated with dates and til. Cool and serve at tea time

---Vijai Mehra.