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Til Aloo Achar
   Cooking time : 35 min.       Serving :  4 persons 

          Black Til     1/2 Cup
          Potaotes      6
          Green Chillies 4
          Jeera          1 tsp.
          Oil            2 tsp.
          Small lemon    1 
          Salt to taste.
Boil and peel potatoes and cut them into 4 pieces each. Cut green chillies and keep aside. Fry til and jeera together over medium heat till they start crackling. Remove from heat and powder.
Now heat oil in a pan and add potatoes, Chilli, turmeric powder and salt. Remove pan from the fire.
Extract lemon juice and mix with a little water. Now add lemon juice and til powder to the potatoes. Serve cold.

---Anita Sharma.