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Vitality Salad
   Cooking time :10 min.       Serving :  4 persons  
                                           For Yoghurt and herb dressing:   

        Cabbage        1 cup(finily sliced)    Yoghurt    1 cup (fresh)   
        Orange         1 (peeled)              Orange Juice 2 tbsp. 
        Tomato         1 (chopped)             Mint        11/2 tbsp.
        Beans          1/4 cup (sliced)        Coriander  11/2 tbsp.
        Beetroot      1/4 cup (cubed)         Salt        1/2 tsp.
        Green peas     1/4 cup                 Pepper      1/2 tsp.
        Carrot         1
        Radish        1 

Wash all the salad ingredients except the tomatoes.Arrange the ingredients in a bowl or salad plate.
Mix the ingredients for the dressing together. Pour over the salad.Toss and serve.

---Sudha Mathur.