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Cheese Noodle Salad

   Cooking time :20 min.       Serving :  4 persons                           

         Noodles         1 packet
         Grated cheese   200 gm.
         Green peas      1/2 Cup(boiled)
         Coriander       1 tbsp. chopped
         Lemon juice     1 tbsp.
         Vinegar         1 tbsp.
         Roasted groundnut  1 tbsp.
         Capsicum        1 (Cut into pieces)
         Red Tomatoes    4-5
         Salt            1/2 tsp.
         Pepper          1/2 tsp.
         Oil             1 tbsp.

Method :
Cook the noodles and keep aside to cool. Combine the lemon juice, vinegar, salt, pepper and oil and shake well. Combine noodles, boiled green peas, tomatoes and cheese. Pour the prepared dressing over the noodles. Toss well. Place in a serving dish and garnish with capsicum, roasted groundnut and coriander leaves.
Serve with lunch or dinner.

---Meenakshi Sharma.

Rainbow Salad

   Cooking time :15 mins.       Serving :  4 persons                           

        Beetroot     1
        Radish       2 (mooli)
        Carrots      2
        Green Cabbage 1 Cup
        Tomato        1
        Ginger        2 tbsp.(grated)
        Lemons        2
        Green Chillies 4
        Black Pepper   1/2 tsp.

Wash and peel the radish, beetroot and carrots. Grate each and keep separately. Cut tomato into a Rose shape. Arrange the radish, beetroot, carrot, cabbage and tomato.
Sprinkle seasonings.

---Neelam Mullick.

Apple Curd Salad

   Cooking time :20 min.       Serving :  4 persons                           

         Apples      2
         Thick curd  1 Cup
         lemon       1
         Green Chillies 2
         Red Dried Chillies 2-3
         Jeera         1 tsp.
         Oil           1 tsp.
         Capsicum      1 (chopped)

Peel and cut apples into small cubes. Apply salt and lemon juice to the cubes. Beat curd. Add chopped capsicum and apple cubes to it.
Heat oil. Put in jeera, chopped green chillies and red chillies and pour over the salad.
Cool and serve.

---Vijai Mehra.

Bean Salad

   Cooking time :30 min.       Serving :  4 persons            
                                         For the Garnishing:   

         Red kidney beans    1/2 Cup(rajma)            Green pepper
         White sprouted beans 1/4 cup(lobiya)          Onion
         Moong Sprouted       1/4 cup                  Tomatoes
         Potatoes             2 (boiled and cubed)
         Tomatoes             2 (skinned)
         Green peppers        2 (crushed)
         Lemon                1 (juice)
         Salt                 1 tsp.
         Red Chilli powder    1/4 tsp.
         Chaat masala         1/2 tsp.
         Coriander leaves     1 tsp.
         Cabbage leaves(to make blows or baskets)

Soak rajma overnight and then wash and boil. Mix rajma, sprouted beans, Sprouted moong, potatoes, tomatoes, green pepper, salt, chaat masala, red pepper and coriander leaves. Toss it. Mix lemon juice to the dressing.
Serve in the baskets made of cabbage leaves with some onion and green chillies. It is really nutritious.

---Kamlesh Jain.

Vitality Salad

   Cooking time :10 min.       Serving :  4 persons  
                                           For Yoghurt and herb dressing:   

        Cabbage        1 cup(finily sliced)    Yoghurt    1 cup (fresh)   
        Orange         1 (peeled)              Orange Juice 2 tbsp. 
        Tomato         1 (chopped)             Mint        11/2 tbsp.
        Beans          1/4 cup (sliced)        Coriander  11/2 tbsp.
        Beetroot      1/4 cup (cubed)         Salt        1/2 tsp.
        Green peas     1/4 cup                 Pepper      1/2 tsp.
        Carrot         1
        Radish        1 

Wash all the salad ingredients except the tomatoes.Arrange the ingredients in a bowl or salad plate.
Mix the ingredients for the dressing together. Pour over the salad.Toss and serve.

---Sudha Mathur.

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